SchoolFamily.Com Advertising Opportunities is the perfect environment for developing a custom online marketing program.
We offer multiple options and cost-effective solutions so you can "mix and match" the ones that are right for you.

Digital Demographics

Women age 25-29
89% have kids age 6-11
Average HHI $78,700
31% have 3+ kids in HH

Banner Ads

3 size options throughout the website to maximize visibility

Leaderboard: 728x90
Square: 300x250
Skyscraper: 160x600

Click here for mechanical specs

Sponsored Opportunities

Sponsored links showcase your brand message in text-based ad space.

Sponsored content increases your exposure and brand awareness in a relevant and contextual environment.

Sponsored web pages promotes your brand and message with a custom web page. (Only available to Back2School program partners.)

Email and E-newsletters

School Family Connection is a bi-weekly, opt-in only newsletter with parenting advice and education tips. Sponsors receive run-of-site banner ads (728x90) that reach moms with school-age kids.

Custom Emails are proprietary communication tools delivered to families who choose to receive information and offers on family-friendly products and services like yours.

Parent Express Email Showcase your brand and message directly with engaged moms in their email inboxes! School Family Media's exclusive Parent Express Email makes a personal connection with moms through our proprietary "school-to-home" network. Learn more.