Connecting Your Brand to Moms and Families

Unique Reach

Reach millions of busy moms in the one place all moms intersect, at school where they are 100% focused on their kids' success and keenly receptive to your family-focused brand message.

Mom-to-Mom Endorsement

Tap into our proprietary database of influencer PTO and PTA leader moms who will distribute your brand message or product sample to other peer moms at school events nationwide.

Measured Results

Determine your success through qualitative and quantitative data on the key aspects of your marketing campaign including ad recall, brand and product messaging and purchase intent.

No one knows this unique market like School Family Media.

School Family Media is the only media and marketing services company that connects with parent groups at K-8 schools across the country, regardless of affiliation. We have the expertise to connect your brand to an established network of tens of thousands of school groups, whether they are PTO, PTA, PCC, or any other acronym. Partner with us to develop a plan that reaches all of them and delivers maximum results.

Our flagship publication, PTO Today, is mailed 6 times a year to all 83,000+ K-8 schools nationwide (PTO, PCC, PTA, et al).